Thursday, October 17, 2013

Face Your Fears;

   Nah, I'm not asking if you own Grease on DVD/VHS, heh, I'm talking about your skin! Is it greasy? Do you tend to get greasy less than a few hours after washing your face? Well, same here. I thought I'd share some tips today on how to eliminate greasy-ness and the acne that comes with it!
   First, a little back story; I got my first acne bump thing when I was eleven. Hell, it was shortly after my eleventh birthday! My two older siblings at the time had acne, though, so of course we had some Proactiv laying around, so my mum dabbed a bit of the spot treatment onto my acne bump, and before I even fell asleep that night--BOOM! It came right off like a scab (gross) and the spot was gone!
   Sadly, I thought that was all I was going to get. Well, guess who's wrong? I've had acne for five years, and I believe it's NOW finally clearing up. The only thing that sucks is that I have a LOT of scaring to get rid of! Heh, anyway, I've always slacked on my face, and I'm a "natural product" junkie so I don't buy any of the chemical face washes. So, of course, I get a few painful bumps as soon as the last painful bumps go away. It's like a never-ending cycle!

   They're mostly around the edges of my face; why? Because my hair frames my face! If you're like me and you only take a shower every 2-4 days, you'll REALLY want to pay close attention to these tips. Both of these sources (hair & face) can really take a toll on your sensitive face skin. Instead of paying top dollar for those useless chemical face washes, try these first!
DISCLAIMER: I am in no means a doctor. I'm a sixteen year old who's experimented on herself for years and I've found these to be the most helpful things for my skin. Everyone's skin's different, though. If you have severe acne, please think about seeing a dermatologist  If you're allergic to anything I mention, please skip that tip. Same for sensitive skin. Try at your own risk.

  • Wash your face TWICE a day. Once around the time you wake up, and once before you go to bed. The only one keeping you from doing this is YOU! All you need is soap and water! It only takes a couple of minutes. If you notice your face drying out or peeling from the often washing, try looking for a different soap. I would suggest any natural soaps! I get a bar of oatmeal soap from my local grocery store (Publix) for 99¢. You can find some amazing soaps on Etsy!
  • If, like I stated above, you notice some peeling (I get it around my nose, on my chin, and between my brows) dampen a washcloth with ONLY water and scrub those areas. It will exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin. You can also do this to your chapped lips!
  • (NOT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. If you don't know if your skin is sensitive or not, please test this on a small patch of your cheek before using it on your entire face.) Use a sugar scrub! (if sugar is too harsh, try baking soda instead) I'd suggest a simple scrub. What I use is 1/cup of both sugar and baby oil (you can use any oil you'd like, I just choose baby oil because it's gentle on the skin and it's the cheapest I can find. Olive oil is perfect for this!) and then I mix it together in a container with a lid.
    Take a bit of the mixture onto your fingertips and massage it gently onto your face for one minute. Rinse off then scrub your face with soap and water before (optional) putting on your moisturizer. Exfoliating with sugar/baking soda is a great way to remove dead skin and grit! The oil will leave your face soft, also. Please keep this scrub simple, though. There are MANY things that are harmful to use while exfoliating, since the sugar can cause minuscule lacerations in the skin. Keep away from lemon juice and vinegar. Do the sugar/baking soda scrub up to three times a week.
  • Go nude or go home. Keep away from foundation or any blotting powders during the day. All these do is cause your pores to clog which causes your face to generate more oil.
  • Stay away from oil-based facial products!
  • Research homemade facial masks on YouTube! You can find amazing recipes. Try to do a facial mask at least once a week.
  • Heat up a washcloth with hot water and lay it onto your face as you lay down. An alternative to this is to put a pot of water onto low/med. heat and hold your face over it with a towel over your head. Leave your face under the washcloth/over the pot for at least three minutes. Follow this by washing your face like I describe in the first tip. The heat will open your pores giving you a deeper clean!
If you have any other tips, I'd love to hear them and add them to the list!
To one greaser to the other, rock on. \m/

minty xx

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

100 Pictures From Your iPhone, Printed FREE!

Heh, I know if sounds like one of those spam bot posts, but no, I'm being honest.
My sister was looking through a Reddit page about free things online, and she came across Groovebook. Of course, I was REALLY heasitant about letting her do it, since I hate free online things. Every time I've tried, it just caused me to get MANY spam phone calls, though sometimes I actually DID receive my items, which was great. But all in all, if it's free, then it's 99.999% too good to be true.
Now, it said it should've taken only a week for my sister to receive her book, but it didn't arrive until almost two weeks later. But-- IT ARRIVED! Which means it was true!
This isn't exactly completely a completely free book (you have to pay a monthly shipping fee, aka only like $3), this post just shows a way around the shipping and handling cost to get at least two free books. (of course, $2.99 a month is NOT bad for 100 photos to be printed, especially if you're the type who vacations a lot and takes pictures of your family with your iPhone, but also want prints for frames)
But this post is to help you find out about this really great offer that I love dearly!
Now I recently got into journaling (tips & tricks/tutorial posts/ photos of some of my journal pages coming soon), so I definitely need prints for that. This gives me SO many to work with... These are glossy prints, a little thinner than normal film photos, but they're perfect for framing and such! I went onto my Facebook and actually saved a BUNCH of my art photos to my phone to get printed, including some of me and my love, my photography, and a couple of my love performing in his band to frame. I am so happy to have found this, seriously, it's a life saver. Most printing sites aren't THAT much money, but the fact that you can get so many books for free with Groovebook amazes me.
Enough blabbering, here are the steps!

  1. Download the Groovebook app from the app store.
  2. Fill out the info on the app. Yes, even add your credit card. I promise you won't get any billing. (unless you WANT to pay each month, which is totally fine, but this tutorial is to get at least the first book for free)
  3. Add this as a coupon code: ANNE12
    This will get you your book with FREE SHIPPING.
  4. Select your photos. Follow the app's steps!
  5. Optional: Once your book arrives, CANCEL the billing by emailing
Now you have a book of 100 beautiful prints! Yes, you can do this multiple times (also the book you get actually gives you a coupon for ANOTHER free book by following the steps) and you also get awards if people use your coupon code!
So what are you waiting for?? Get going!

Some examples of the way I used my pictures:

minty xx

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New RoseLuxe review!

A wonderful new review is up now on my YouTube channel! Get the item here!

Minty xx

Monday, September 2, 2013

CLEAN DIY: Banana & Spice Smoothie!

Yes that's right! This absolutely delightful smoothie is HEALTHY! Though remember; it's all on you how healthy this is. My mum bought me the wrong yogurt, so I used it because I didn't want to waste it. A tip, from my experience: DO NOT TRUST THE BRAND. Even Light & Fit (the yogurt I used) has HFCS in it. Yes, a brand advertised as a healthy alternative is bad for you. I would suggest Greek yogurt for this! It's actually delicious, heh. I get vanilla been kind, usually.

You will need:
One banana (I would highly suggest using a really brown and mushy one; it's the sweetest!)
1/4 Milk (I would suggest something thick like almond milk)
A few drops of vanilla extract (optional)
A dash or two of cinnamon (optional)

Large cup/bottle

Time: 5min

  1. Combine ingredients in your blender and blend for 20-30 seconds. (TIP: If your banana is hard and just ripe, put it into the blender first and blend it for a few seconds before putting in everything else.) I would suggest using using all of the ingredients that I list, taste it, then change it up according to taste! This is completely customizable!
  2. Enjoy!
It's that simple! I sometimes change it up and add ice if I want something specifically cold, or I add spinach to get my greens in! (No you can't taste the spinach) It fills you up and is perfect if you're on a diet or trying to eat healthy! Stay tuned for more smoothie posts in the future. :J

And remember:

Minty xx

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

START: The start of something new!

Alright so, basically, this is one of those "I'm starting my diet NOW!" posts!
Well, I'm not really doing a diet, just eating less, better, and drinking more water etc... Basically, Blogilates just came out with this amazing app and it's really giving me motivation! So now, on a Wednesday, I decided to start my weekly weightloss plan!

There's not much information, since this is the first post!

Bust: 36in
Waist: 31.5in
Lower stomach: 39in
Hips 37in
Weight: 141lbs

Minty xx

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Afterlight Photo Editing; "Film" Effect + Black & White

Hello! What you're going to need for this is a photo you want to edit, an iPhone, and the app Afterlight! ($0.99)

This is my original photo! It's my cat, Kitty, and her really awesome blue eyes.

Now open it in Afterlight!
Go to the menu with the slide-y things as the icon and find the brightness. Brighten the picture a bit and remember that it's okay if it looks washed out!

Now, up the saturation. I usually go all the way to 100%!

Now go to the colour wheel icon and go to "Original Filters." The one with the horse!

Choose "Atlas" for the brownish effect and "Hollow" for a bluish effect. They're both near the end of the row! I choose "Atlas" most of the time, and make sure the bar is on 100%. Now from here, you can go into the filter icon (the film roll) and choose some filters to make it look more film-like!

From there, I like to do black and white. Yes, the colours of your photo DO matter when you're using black and white effects! Vibrant colours usually make the B&W effect more lovely! Here's the three main black and white effects that you can choose from.

I'm going with "Raven!" Now I just tweak the brightness and contrast a bit.

This is optional, but I like to add "Atlas" to the end product to make it have more of a vintage feel!

And there you go!
I'll have more Afterlight tutorials coming in the future, I hope this helps!

Minty xx

Monday, August 19, 2013

Thrift Store/Yard Sale/Garage Sale; Tips & Tricks!

Now, I know. I always see these kinds of posts/videos where girls are yelling about, "If it's not brand, DON'T GET IT." or, "KNOW WHAT'S 'IN' BEFORE YOU BUY!!!!" but I just want you to know straight off that this post is actually full of useful common sense tips, I ain't gonna tell you what to wear, girl. You obviously don't have to follow these, but just keep them in mind as you shop.
So, without further-ado, I'll jump right into this so you'll understand what I'm talking about!

Garage/Yard Sale Tips:

  • Know what you like. Usually people like to vote against drive-bys (and when you're actually hosting the garage sale, it comes off as extremely rude) but if you see 90% tools and gigantic furniture that you don't need, it's totally okay to drive right past. I know I know, there might be that ONE thing, but if you have the time, you can stop. Personally with me, I hate walking away without anything in my hands (it makes me feel really awkward and mean) so I don't like to stop at ones that from afar, don't look pleasing. Not to mention some people like to throw about ten things in their front yard and call it a sale. These kinds of people are my garage sale/yard sale enemies.
  • Know the prices. If you're looking at a table with random things sprawled out on the table, marked with those store-bought ready-made stickers that only have dollar amounts on them, and everything is marked by dollars, I wouldn't suggest buying. I mean $1 stuff, totally okay, but if something used, smashed, or just pointless and small is marked with $5, I wouldn't really suggest supporting that garage sale. Now, if it's something that you REALLY need or want and $5 is SO much less than the retail price, go for it. But if it's a kitchen glass or a deck of Disney themed dollar store playing cards marked at $3, it's not really worth it. Same with furniture, if they ask $150 for a beat up kitchen table, call it quits. (unless they have a free box or a 50 cent table)
  • Be friendly. If they say hello as you walk onto their land at least say hey, and maybe even ask how they're doing. If you buy something and they say thank you, tell them you're welcome. Even if you don't buy anything, turn around and give them a smile and a wave while saying, "Thank you!"
  • Don't wreck havoc. By that, I mean, if they have things nicely set out on a table, or clothes folded, do NOT just pick things up then place them down wherever. During the last garage sale I had, we had a clothing table and we had to go over to it every ten minutes to tidy it up. I know, it's hard to look at clothing when it's folded on the table, but at least attempt to fold things back up and keep the table organized. It really means a lot to the hosts.

Thrift Store Tips:

  • Look up local thrift stores online before you go out thrifting. Dedicate an entire day to finding new ones to go to, don't just settle yourself at Goodwill or what-have-you. When my family did this, we found our FAVOURITE thrift stores EVER. They're both church-run stores (the greatest thrift stores to go to, really, give them a chance) and things are really cheap, all clothing is usually under $3 and they have $0.25 racks all over! Most of my skirts are from the $0.25 rack to be honest, I got a Hollister mini-skirt from it.
  • Just because it looks like old-person-central, DOESN'T mean it has only "old people" clothing. For example, my local Hospice store is run by elderlies, full of elderlies, but they still have a "teen rack" and pretty new clothing that's WONDERFUL. And y'know what, sometimes "old people" clothing is absolutely amazing. For example, jean jackets, high-waisted shorts, cute sweaters, kitty things, etc, just LOOK.
  • Get yourself in-the-know with your favourite sections to look at. I usually walk in, skim the cent racks, look at the knick-knacks and wares and cute bowls, then head over to the craft supplies section before looking at the shoes. It's so much easier to take the first two visits to explore each side of the thrift store, then get yourself used to your normal track around it. Of course, if you're looking for a specific thing that you don't look at on a normal basis (ex. belts) you can incorporate that into your track that day!
  • Be polite. A lot of thrift stores (especially church-run ones) are run by elderly people. Understand that they may need to re-add things or might make a mistake and need to start over. Even if you're frustrated, just keep in mind that you'll be out of the store soon, and maybe focus yourself with something else in the store as they're counting, like that weird shiny lamp on the counter that you're POSITIVE you had when you were a child.
  • Know the prices. If you're like me and you shop at a thrift store because of money issues (if you do it for fun, then go ahead and spend all your money there), then you might come across something that catches your eye, but the price tag revolts you. Here's what you do; How much do you like the print? When would you wear it? How good does it look on you? Do you already have something like it in your closet? Is it worth the price? Why do you want it? This should help you pick it out, or leave it there for somebody else who likes it enough to pay the extreme price.
  • Inspect the items. Any item, whether it be clothing or a house object, can have wear in them. A lot of thrift stores, it seems, likes to sell things with stains; sometimes HUGE stains right smack-dab on the front of the garment. Usually, these objects are still full price. That's usually what turns me away from thrift stores. If they try to constantly sell things that are broken or stained, for FULL price, it just shows the workers/store owner only care for the money. If something's ripped or cracked, and you know you should fix it, then it's not really that bad!
  • If possible, try stuff on. I've come back home far too many times, only to notice something doesn't fit. Usually this applies to jeans, tighter dresses, non-stretch garments, and blouses. If you see a dress, for example, that stretches VERY much and it's in your size, then you don't really have to worry about trying it on!
  • Remember; A vintage medium does not always equal to a modern medium. Most of my vintage garments are smalls or petites, but I'm a large girl. If it's a vintage piece and you can tell it's vintage, I would suggest not even paying attention to the tag and just trying it on.
Those are just to start you off, and they're not RULES, but they're sure ones I live by. Thrift and Sale how you want, but try to at least keep some of these in mind to help you!

Minty xx